Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tips and trics for Top Eleven Facebook formation

How to Play? 

Beginners should know that this is a football manager simulation game, not an online soccer game. Here you all will have to manage a football club, not be a part of a football team as a player. The game simulates the hard work, struggles, victories, defeats of a football manager. You will have to makes sure you get the best players from the pool, train them, use the right formations and earn money by selling tickets and attracting sponsors. When you start the game, you will have the opportunity to design your club emblem, jersey and choose a name for your club. You can also select the nationality and the name of the city. Once you’ve created your club out of scratch, you can start training your players. You can also keep track of your players defending skills, attacking skills, morale and various other aspects that determine the fitness levels of the player.

Tips and Hints

1. Always remember that recruiting young players will give you an edge over your opponents. Click the Squad section and check whether your current players are on the brink of retirement, low in skills or health. You can sack or sell your old, low-performing players. In the initial levels, you will have to sell your players in order to empty the space for new players.
2. Make sure you’ve got the right formations. They are crucial to your victory. In the Squad screen, select the Formations tab and select one active or pre-defined formation from top choices. Predefined Tactics give you more options to have a perfect formation for your squad.
3. Always train your players whenever you get an opportunity. To train them, navigate to the Training Screen and choose the training type. You’ll have 4 training exercises to choose: Match Practice, Cardio and Stretching. Here are some Top Eleven Football Manager Training Tips:

  • I would recommend training your players in all three types. This will help you immensely to generate skill points.
  • Each training session lasts 30-60 minutes. Clicking on these training modules will gain certain percentage of skills but will also reduce the health condition. For example, Stretching exercise will help each player gain an average 10 percent of a skill point, but will reduce 3 percent of the condition.
  • Training helps improve your player skills, but make sure you don’t overdo this process else there might be chances of an injury. To check the intensity and make sure that the training level is “Normal” and not “Hard” to avoid injuries.
4. You can earn tokens and cash by dealing with sponsors, increasing your ticket sales or getting money from the bank. Here are some key tips regarding earning money and tokens in Top Eleven Football Manager:
  • Sponsorship deals are a sure shot way to earn cash. To sign up for a deal, go to the Finances screen and click on the Sponsorship tab. Click on the available sponsor to find out how much cash you can earn for one season.
  • To earn tokens, you can sign up for television rights. To sign a deal, click on the TV Rights tab at the top and click on the open deals. You will get up to 30 tokens for duration of ten days. Make sure you come back often (i.e. sign in to Facebook and play the game) to earn tokens. For every sign in you get one extra token.
  • Another way to earn cash is to increase ticket sales. In the Finances screen, set the ticket price and winning bonus to encourage your club players for a win.
  • To increase ticket sales, all you have to do is to select the Stadium and click on Upgrades button at the bottom right side of the screen. A separate window will open up giving you options to increase your seats, change the field type and add more facilities. The bigger and better your stadium, the more the chances are of attracting large number of spectators.
  • If any of these doesn't give you enough cash to meet your club’s ends, then you can get financial aid from banks. In the Finances screen, click on the Help from Bank tab to get cash. But remember that you will have to spend some tokens to get the money from a bank.
5. Avoid using any cheats and hacks. You might try trainers, but personally I am against using any shortcut to success. It kills the spirit of the game and there’s no fun in cheating at all.
I hope these Top Eleven Football Manager tips will help you get tokens, train your players and set the right formations. I will update this hub with more tips once I use them successfully in my game. You can share your own tips hints with me and my readers and I am sure they will benefit from your advice.

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