Sunday, January 20, 2013

Diamond dash bonus levels

When I first started playing this game, I didn’t think it was that addictive…until I got my first level up and score bonus. “You’ve hit Level 2, you’ll now get a 9% bonus on all your scores from now on” or something like that. Amazing! So now, every time I play, I level up a bit, getting higher and higher score bonuses! When I first saw this, my sudden spike in interest in this game even shocked myself.

 A secret that you should remember as a ‘caution advice’: Never click on the combinations that have two or less. Because, if you clicked on such low combinations your bonus/points meter will fall rapidly!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bubble Safari Ocean Facebook

The new Facebook game Bubble Safari Ocean is a bubble shooter from Zynga, following the tremendously successful title Bubble Safari. The game, which is set around a group of tropical islands, quests players to navigate through 11 places, clear bubbles of various colors and save all the crab babies.

The new Facebook game Bubble Safari Ocean

The new Facebook game coincides with the release of the original Bubble Safari on iOS, and has seen strong growth recently as the publisher stepped up its cross-promotional efforts.
 Bubble Safari Ocean plays things pretty safe and doesn’t tinker with the usual formula much. Additions to the basic setup include a “frenzy” (explosive bubbles) mode when the player drops bubbles with three consecutive shots, and a spinner that gradually fills and provides the player with a random powerup every so often. Progressing through the game unlocks additional features, including the ability to take “friend bubbles” into a level and use them when a specific color is needed, and the use of powerups to provide additional bubbles with which to complete the level or enhance aiming functionality. Certain powerups are also available mid-level in exchange for hard currency — powerups purchased prior to the level use soft currency, which is earned through play.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Candy crush saga level 97 tips & tricks

An L-shaped or a T-shaped candy match earns you a special candy wrapped in plastic. 
This means you will have to match candies in an L or T pattern. 

After getting the special candy, match it with the two candies of the same color and clear plenty of candies in one move. This can be very helpful in those levels that require removing jelly filled spaces in limited moves.