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GTA 5 trailer pictures.

Grand Theft Auto V. Rockstar has released new screenshots for what is all set to be one of the biggest releases of 2013.

 The screenshots show some of the regular stuff, like cityscapes and cars, but the more interesting things shown include a submarine and a shark. Rockstar had previously mentioned that the game would have more to explore underwater, and it seems to be delivering on this promise with the inclusion of deadly sharks and submarines. The screenshots also some great attention to detail when it comes to the graphical fidelity of the game, like being able to make out the pilots in planes. The game also seems to feature a blimp, which could be an interesting setting for a mission, or even an aerial chase sequence.

 See that? That looks like a one-man deep sea submersible vessel. The sort of vessel that could see you traverse the ocean floors James Cameron-Style. Giant squid drive-by? We wouldn't rule it out.

Grand Theft Auto V 2013

Trouble taps on your window again with this next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto universe, set in the city of Los Santos and its surrounding hills, countryside and beaches. 

A bold new direction in open-world freedom, storytelling, mission-based gameplay and online multiplayer, Grand Theft Auto V focuses on the pursuit of the almighty dollar in a re-imagined, present-day Southern California. Rockstar is now promising greater mission variety in GTA V

One of the biggest complaints faced by GTA IV was that most of the missions consisted of driving to a location, killing your target, driving back to a safe location, and repeat. 

According to Rockstar, some missions in GTA V will feature one playable character, while others will feature two or three. 
The game will also follow an Ocean's Eleven-type progression, where a lot of missions will be preparing for and pulling off complex heists. 

The game will also feature a new inventory system. 
At the moment, each character has his own inventory and money, but the developers have explained that this is something the company normally addresses later in the development cycle, so the system could see a change before the game's release. 

The Grand Theft Auto series has always had a reputation for having one of the largest open world maps and Grand Theft Auto V looks set to continue the theme with the oceans now being opened up to gamers.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Facebook SongPop App Cheats, Hints and Tricks

Facebook Song Pop Cheats 

100% Working Glitch Cheats
Song Pop Facebook Game of the Year 2012

Cat Rescue game on Facebook tips tricks

Cat Rescue Facebook game: 

Be the hero of cats and rescue street cats, take good care of them and help them find loving homes. 

If you find some cool tips, please post them here! 

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Facebook ChefVille Cheats, Hints and Tips of Chef Ville

Chef Ville Cheats
First of all: You have to complete the goals and collect all your ingredients to max number and always keep non mastered food on cooking and never fail at collecting the food until it spoils.

Start with the max number of tables and counters as well this will allow you to make the max of your recipies.

Chef Ville Hints and Tips Facebook
Also if you know that a recipie is going to contain ingredients you don't have you need to ask your friends for

the stuff you need and keep mixing the ones that you need and making them, always keeping the ingredients

needed ahead before start making the recipies for the star mastery.

Facebook Chef Ville Tricks of all LEVELS
Persay if you need 4 more pot stickers, then hold off on making them until you collect enough legs and dough, this will help you in the long run instead of waiting to collect, making it slow going for a star level and dreading doing the tasks you need to do.

I hope this small piece of information has helped you guys enough to understand my own personal method on the game. 

Always visit each and every one of your friends til you have 100 hearts, if you want something that costs hearts you need to buy these first hand then when you get done spending the hearts it is wise when you run out of onions, especially, to keep using the hearts to gain onions to cook with.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Top Eleven: Seven Key Screens You Need to Know

Football manager simulation game  include news, squad, training, fixtures, competition, transfers, finances, stadium, club information and trophy room.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Diamond Dash Tips and Tricks

Diamond Dash is a new puzzle game for Facebook by Wooga, which plays off of classic concepts, despite being a new game. 
Facebook Game Diamond Dash

It's a relatively simply game, in which you click on a block of 3 or more of the same color diamonds in order to clear them, and the more diamonds you clear, the more points you get. Your goal is to jump to the top of your weekly tournament chart, get the highest point total per game possible, and gain experience points, thus gaining levels and earning more and more scoring bonuses. The more levels you gain, the more points you get, the more experience points you end up with each time you play. And with my tips, you can maximize your point and experience point totals and win all of your weekly tournaments!
You earn more and more points when you clear off bigger and bigger combinations of diamonds at a time, so go for the biggest blocks of same-colored diamonds possible when you are playing each individual game. When you clear off a block of only 3 diamonds, you only earn 100 points. However, when you clear a block of 4 diamonds, you earn 400 points.

So in order to earn the most points possible, you need to clear off the biggest blocks of same colored diamonds as possible. Clearing off more than six diamonds at a time can earn you thousands of points, with each successive diamond afterwards earning you more and more points per extra diamond that you knock out.
You will also gain more experience points when you earn more points in each match you play. You only have a certain amount of lives at one time which limits the amount of experience points you can earn within a given period of time; however, you can maximize your experience points gain, and thus your level gain, by simply scoring higher on every match you play. When you gain experience levels as well, you gain extra scoring bonuses, 1 percent per extra level gain, and this goes a very long way towards helping you win the weekly tournaments with your friends.
When you string together combinations of cleared blocks, you will fill the bar at the top of the screen, and when you fill up to the top, you will earn a bonus diamond bomb which will clear out two entire rows of diamonds, one horizontally and one vertically. It will also earn you a massive quantity of points - well over 10000 points per use. You can earn many many more of them when you make multiple combinations in a row, and when you don't click on combinations of two or leas diamonds (which will send your meter tumbling back down very quickly if you click them). If you use two of these in one match, that's almost 24,000 free points. If you get three of them in one match, consider yourself an elite player at this game, as this requires some very very quick work to do.
That's all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Candy crush saga level 86 tips & tricks

Candy Crush Saga Level 86 Cheats , Hints and Tricks

Candy crush saga level 86 

Focus on the gelatine jelly's, try to get in, and work your way through them then. 
Don't bother about the so calles 'closed' boxes too much, if you got a few open, you will be abel to get in. The striped candies are helpfull, the choclate bomb not so much in level 86

Good luck!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Assassin’s Creed 3 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Assassin’s Creed 3 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC

Assassin’s Creed 3 is the third and by far the largest instalment in the hugely popular franchise from Ubisoft. Continuing the story of Desmond, players will delve back n time to the American Revolution where they’ll take control of Connor, a half Native Indian, half British Assassin who demands answers and seeks to protect his people.

Assassin’s Creed 3 Cheats Tricks and Tips

Assassin’s Creed 3 cheats:

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farmville 2 Tips and Tricks

Use the Crafting Kitchen!

Farmville 2 Crafting Kitchen on Facebook

Don't sell your farmed goods. Check the Kitchen and stock up on items that can create the 3 step crafted goods. If you need Gold, you can sell on step 1 or 2 but try to push for the final crafted good in each group. Earning gold is a pain and you need plenty of it early on. At level 7 or 8 you need ot by a "White Baby Sheep" This will cost 9000 gold. So, be ready for it. You'll also need to buy land, also not cheep. The level 8 land spot is 20,000 gold. So, crafted goods is your best shot at getting the money you'll need.

Take care with feeding your chickens and Goats too often. After so many feedings they will start to Master. Which makes them kind of useless for earning Milk and Eggs. At least up to level 9, Don't worry about buying additional animals unless you master one. There will be a quest asking you to have 8 animals total at one point. So, plane for this amount as well. (I went with +2 chickens and this worked for me as I needed eggs for crafting. Don't sell eggs, learned the hard way when they started to master.

If you need feed, grind blueberries. tomatoes are for crafting and Blueberries seem to be better for your money, regarding grinding feed.

Stock up on wheat. You'll need it for crafting flower for multiple finished goods.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cityville 2 Coming Soon on Facebook!!

Facebook game CityVille 2

Currently the fastest-growing game on Facebook, FarmVille 2 is a bright spot for the financially troubled social gaming masters at Zynga. Its 3D graphics and crafting system have drawn in new players and kept them in the game (that’s me testifying). So it’s no surprise that the newly revealed CityVille 2 features the same friend-driven gameplay of the original, plus 3D graphics and crafting.

Zynga is also insistent that it’s listening to player feedback. Its teams have trolled the forums, hired focus groups, performed beta tests all with the purpose of building the best social game it can make. And that’s important because the developer could use another hit.
Zynga is in the thick of a platform transition. It’s attempting to adjust from a Facebook-focused company to a more diversified business plan. It’s hoping that Zynga.com and mobile platforms will provide a stream of revenue that will insulate it from the risk being in just one social network.
So far, the developer has had trouble reproducing the early success of FarmVille and CityVille on other platforms. Many analysts believe that Zynga has the potential to turn this around if its games can deliver.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Play Pengu Wars Online

Help the brave Penguens win the war against the evil and persistent fish thieves. Aim your shots carefully and help your friends take out the thieves as quickly as you can. Use each of your Pengus unique abilities to knock out your enemies and send them packing!


FarmVille 2 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Hit level 20 within a week!!

FarmVille 2 is the latest game released by Zynga. This farming game is pretty much open ended and you can decide how you want to play the game. However, there are some techniques and tricks that you can apply during your game play to make your leveling and FarmVille 2 expanding more smoothly. 
 This is a strategy dedicated to advancing your farm as fast as you can. By following this guide to the book, you should be able to hit level 20 within a week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

FIFA 2013 Release Date

25th September 2012 (North America) 

27th September 2012 (Europe) 

28th September 2012 (Australia)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Candy crush saga level 70 tips & tricks

If the stripes are horizontal, it clears the row horizontally; if they are vertical, it clears vertically. However, if you match two stripped candies, it will clear both ways.

Try to make horizontal striped candy on the bottom of the left pannel, even better if you could combine it with a wrapped candy.

Candy Crush Saga Level 70 Speed Up! Gameplay

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

London olympics 2012 game review

London 2012 from SEGA for the PlayStation 3
London 2012 is a solid collection of solid minigames. There are about 40 different events in London 2012 scattered across various categories. Track, field, swimming, diving, the list goes on. There's even an "other sports" category for things like table tennis. Seriously, ping pong is an Olympic event? Who made that decision? Each event is a little minigame, either a condensed form of the real sport or streamlined collections of button prompts and quicktime events. None of the gameplay is thrilling, exactly, but it's not bad. The minigames do a nice job of giving you individual goals to focus on during each event. More soon.....

Friday, September 14, 2012

Mafia Wars Game Play Tips & Tricks

5 tips for the arena 
The perfect gear Probably the most important point is that you're wearing the best possible weapon and armor that you can get on your level. Even items such as your car (from level 12 for the first time use) you should regularly exchange through better items. 
The level of your opponent Another important point is the level of your opponent. In the arena you will find most opponents who are at a level to a level above you. When possible, choose

New Facebook game MOBSTERS: Criminal Empire

Mobsters Criminal Empire

Review: This is what a gang-themed strategy game should be. But the thing is you can relish the game only if you pay. 
You are a member in a gang who spares no efforts in moving up in the organization. Therefore, you must take over buildings to offer you with the resources you need to increase you influence, train your troops, and buy you defensive items. You seize prisons to recruit your troops, which might be chumps, thieves, pyros, soldiers and bruisers. But before you can train those units, you have to take over their hideouts. And since the police are going right after you, once your troops have been sent to a battle, they have to be scattered even when they are not hurt. That means, your troops will be sort of “disposable” no matter how the battles ends, which is why you should make good use of them. 
That is a clever story upon which the game is based. And the gameplay might sound simple enough. However, several rules are applied, making the otherwise simple game as complicated and difficult as any good strategy game you can think of. For example, the upgrades or takeovers of some buildings require the upgrades of your headquarters, which often need much more resources than what you can ever have in your storage, let alone produce them in your facilities. The level of your character determines how many buildings you can manage for the time being. And you can upgrade the machine guns or snipers, or to be specific, increase the shooting range only if you meet the requirements, which involve large amounts of coins, products and the upgrades of your headquarters. 

Sometimes Mobsters: Criminal Empire is just like those nasty games where you always have to spend lots of resources to complete tasks that reward you with only a few and where you constantly need to figure out how to obtain resources just to keep at the games. You can easily run out of products, coins, and especially muscles in Mobsters. Hence, to have enough troops at your disposal (literally), you have to upgrade the facilities, Gym and Psych Ward for example, to improve the muscle production capacity, take over more or ask from friends to ensure that you’ve got the required resources. 

And as in so many strategy games out there such as The Godfather: Five Families, Mobsters stresses upgrades and battles. That is quite obvious in its task designs – nine out of ten missions ask players to upgrade an existing building or take over a new one. All those actions need the resources and as is mentioned above, there are seldom enough of them even when you’ve tried in every way you can. And it is unavoidable to purchase more resources by using the Empire Bucks you obtain or by using your money. That might cause problems for freemium players but after all, no game is designed to entertain us for free. 

You may be delighted and pissed off by details in the game. For example, you can pay thousands of coins to hire machine guns and snipers and deploy them on top of your buildings. They serve as the city guards who work when anyone attacks your city. They make the city look pretty cool actually. And I’ve been asked to put dumpsters in the city without being told why. So I scattered them randomly. I didn’t realize what they are used for until hours later when I attacked an NPC’s city and saw its defensive deployment: the dumpsters were put around the prominent building to protect it, and any invader has to attack the dumpsters and deplete their HP before they can attack the building. Then I went back to my city to make some adjustments, only to find that nothing could be moved in this game. Unfortunately, no tutorial or tip has ever informed me of that. 

Although it causes mixed feelings with its inventive story, sophisticated rules, inadequate tutorial or heads-up and always insufficient resources, Mobsters: Criminal Empire is probably the best you can find of its genre.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

235 million people play games on Facebook

Popular Facebook Games

Over 235 million people play games on Facebook

Facebook has quickly become a top destination for game play, according to new data from the social network.

More than 235 million people globally are playing games on its site, the company said today. That figure is up from 205 million gamers using the service a year ago at this time. Facebook also noted that its total gamer userbase has grown 8.4 percent since the beginning of 2012 and that last month alone, it drove its users to Apple's App Store and Google's Play marketplace over 170 million times.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Facebook poker Texas holdem: Tips, Tricks & Play

Texas Holdem Poker

Don’t play bad hands: Limit your game to pocket pairs, Suited Aces(a suited A-4,A-5) Ace King off suit , or suited connecting cards. For now, all the other hands are just not worth playing and you should just throw them away. This requires great patience.

Be aggressive: You’ve waited for solid hands, now its time to pound your opponents. Raise before the flop and if you hit your hand keep firing bullets, but don’t go nuts , one pair won’t often win big pots. When you play aggressive , you force your opponent into the defensive. You also force a lot of people out , making it less likely for someone to make a better hand than you.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Facebook Ruby Blast Cheats & Tips: Bombs & Gems

Facebook Ruby Blast

Nova Flare, Starfall, and Cherry Bombs are the fastest way to help you get to the marker. Finding matching groups are less frequent the deeper you go, so try to save Shuffle Magic for deeper areas of the mine. You can also use this to help get passed the line, but it's not as instantaneous as one of the explosive power-ups

Save "regular bombs", drills, Nova Flares, Starfall and Cherry Bombs for the last 10 seconds to help drill downward. Spend time learning what each one does, and you'll quickly pick up how to conserve them better over time. 

Focus on matching as many gems in a row as possible. Click 10 sets in a row (with no pauses in between) and you'll hit "blast mode". Click 10 more during blast mode, and the row above and below the line gets blasted. This is helpful for clear those tough-to-blast obstacles in the mine. 

Speaking of, beware of non-purple rocks: Those rocks require 2 blasts, so try and use a power-up when one comes up. 

Focus on sets at the bottom at the line. These will blast the un-bricked areas around them and get you passed the line. 
Remember, the further down you get, the less frequent sets appear. So, working the bottom increases your chances of getting sets since more bricks shift around when cleared.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Facebook Bubble Safari Cheats & Tips: Score & Power

Facebook Bubble Safari

In Bubble Safari, you'll come across a variety or power ups that can be used to increase your score or simply make the game more entertaining to play. Some of these power ups must be activated before you play, and can only be used a single time, while others can be activated by completing certain requirements within a level. Here with a look at Bubble Safari's power ups.

 On Fire Mode

 On Fire is a type of power up that you can earn by dropping fruit in 3 consecutive shots. Once you catch On Fire you'll have 3 powerful shots to blast bubbles that are hanging. Bubbles shot in this manner are not popped, they are turned into fruit that gets you points when they drop into the baskets!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

inversion ps3

A wild third-person shooter, Inversion’s gimmick comes from the wild ways gravity and orientations are used in the game space. When an alien race called the Ludatore attack with gravity-manipulating weaponry, mankind is literally knocked upside down. Playing as policeman Davis Russel, you quest to find your missing daughter, but find regular weapons nearly useless as areas of the city are afflicted with zero-G, while others have off-kilter vectors, where down may be right or left might be up. It’ll be up to you to learn the 3 G’s of battle: guns, grenades, and gravity. With a Gravlink device in your arsenal, you’ll soon be able to alter gravity to your benefit, flinging enemies in the air or bringing over a large item to provide cover for yourself. Adding to the game’s realism is the use of Havok’s Destruction Engine that allows items to crumble apart in real-time, so an enemy in cover isn’t covered very long.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

CityVille Winter Castle trick

While you might think that CityVille should have already started on its Valentine's Day  celebration (hey, FarmVille's already doing it), we're instead given a new feature dealing solely with winter: The Winter Castle. This Winter Castle is available to users level 30 and above, and comes via a goal called "Castle in the Snow." This one asks you to place and complete the Castle, collect from an Ice Tower three times and collect from 20 Winter-themed businesses.

Since that's a lot going on, let's tackle things one by one. The Winter Castle is an upgradeable building that requires you to collect building parts to upgrade. After spending 12 energy to build the frame, you'll have to collect 35 materials to just finish the base Castle:

7 Ice Blocks
7 Ice Trees
7 Ice Shingles
7 Ice Tools
7 Ice Weather Vanes

Monday, April 23, 2012

iPhone and iPod touch & Galaxy free games reviews and tablet

Welcome to another instalment of freakin gamers free game round-up - a feature that highlights the top App Store titles that have been made free in the past 24 hours.

As we've stated many times before, prices in the App Store change frequently. Grab these freebies before you miss out on a top bargain.

Remember to let us and your fellow readers know about any other great free apps in our comments section below.

Additionally, you can find out about all the latest App Store updates, price drops, and more by using the cleverly hidden hyperlink in this paragraph.

And if you're craving even more quality freebies, be sure to check out our sister site Free App Alliance for daily recommendations of the best free apps the App Store has to offer.

Off the Leash
By Big Pixel Studios - download for iPhone

Your mission in Off the Leash is to evade capture by outrunning gangs of police officers, who've been ordered by the new Chief of Police to eradicate all canines.

Along the way, you'll have to rescue as many of your doggy pals as you possibly can, complete missions, and collect coins, which can be spent on power-ups from the in-game store.

There are seven different types of dog to unlock and customise, and 90 unique missions to complete. You'd be barking mad not to download this title while it's free.

Ready Steady Bang
By Chambers Judd - download for iPhone and iPad

Ready Steady Bang, to put it simply, is a quick-fire duelling in which you have to shoot your opponents before they shoot you.

You can either play face-to-face with one of your buddies on a single screen or test your might against ten computer-controlled baddies.

If you're the fastest finger in the North, East, South, and West, you can unlock 31 different cowboy death.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BF3 Battlefield 3 Games Tips and Keygen Walkthrough

Have you ever think of dominate and leveling fast in BF3 (Battlefield 3)? BF3 definitely change the conservative shooting game where you only can blindly run into the game, guns blazing, and killed enemies by ranking up. There are no short cut like cheat code, keygen and crack commands to dominate BF3. It all about strategy and proper community teamwork planning to win the battle. In Battlefield 3, you need to work as a team to develop a strategy and combat tactics in order to kill enemies and win a battle.
If you're thinking of one person show Rambo type shooting game, then BF3 is not for you. BF3 is all about teamwork and well define complicated strategy combat plan involved to dominate the game. The strategies and tips employ in order to win need a considerable amount of focus and perseverance.
If you're enthusiastic BF3 player and determine to dominate the game,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Facebook Cityville Tips, Tricks for City Cash

Cityville Tips are one of the most important things that any Cityville player can use to build his virtual empire for free.  You will find a boat load of tips and tricks here will help you build a large city over time. If you have been a player from the start, there is still a lot that you can learn by finding good tips for your Cityville city. The tips and facts that you will find here will prove to be useful as you work toward total Cityville domination. The game presents a challenge to a lot of players, but with a site that has the tips for your Cityville empire to grow you cannot lose. There is information on this site about Cityville businesses, crops, trains and ships along with a slew of other information that you can use. Utilize this site as your online guide when creating your virtual empire while using our Cityville tips. We all want to build a large city to show off to our friends, along the way you have to know how to collect coins and harvest crops. Zynga has created a fantastic game that challenges our ability to create a strategy in order to compete with friends online. As a player myself, this is truly a great game. Enjoy and utilize the tips you find here.

Cityville Tips for a Strong Start From Scratch

Well, “technically” you won’t be starting from scratch. When you start the game your get many refer to as the “cityville starter kit”. Your starter kit will include city cash, goods, land where you can build your business, crops and houses. You will build a barn to harvest goods and start to collect rent on your houses.
You can level up in the game by earning XP (experience points), goods, coins and cash. In order to keep your community alive, you will have to invest some of that hard earned Cityville cash. Start purchasing buildings, businesses, cityville community buildings, and the likes. While investing, you will be expending coins ,cityville energy and goods. Just like real life, your hard work will be rewarded. Once the buildings are finished and rented, you will eventually earn coins and start your way towards being the best mayor to build a city. EVER!
You can earn your XP by performing actions in the game. One easy thing you can do is go out and visit your friend’s cityville cities. When you perform actions likes this, you start to increase your reputation. You will also increase the already high possibility of gaining special rewards like energy, coins and cityville cash.
Very often than not, a quest will appear on the left side of your screen. Those are quests you can perform to gain more XP. They also act as a guide on how you can progress in the game. We provide a a lot of cityville tips and strategies to complete quest and missions as well.

Very Important Note about Cityville Cash

Pay attention here because most people do not when it comes to city cash. They end of spending most or all of their cityville cash cash frivolously.  At the start of the game, you are given a little CV, but in order to buy special or exclusive items you will need more.
You will be given the option to buy cityville cash via Facebook with your REAL hard earned money.  This is where Zynga makes their money on the game.  You can purchase cv through paypal or using your credit card. This is very easy to do, and a lot of people spend real money in order to build up their virtual banks. You can do this if you want to but please take heed to what you are about to read.
We see a ton of players who don’t know the value of Cityville cash, so they end up spending it on getting employees for community buildings or buying energy. Stay away from doing this and you will separate yourself from the pack early.

Cityville Tips And Strategies on Real Estate, Business and Your Community

Buildings and houses will help you earn coins by collecting rents. Keep in mind that  the number of people who can live in your city is limited. As you build more houses, you should also build more community buildings to increase the number of people who live in your city.
In your build menu, there are a lot of houses that you can choose from. There are also designs which are only available for a limited time. It is the same with the cityville community buildings. The challenging part in finishing your community building is that you need to invite friends to work for you. This won’t be a problem if you have many active Facebook friends that may be your cityville neighbors. If you don’t, you’re gonna have to spend your precious cityville cash to hire employees. So make friends, and make a lot of em to save money.

Cityville Tips on Your Business Ventures

Strategically placing your cityville business is probably one of the most exciting parts of playing cityville (well at least to me). You get to be richer than any business tycoon in the world, unless they are also playing Cityville. On your build menu, there is a business option tab. Click that and a lot of business choices will be available. Building a business will require goods and energy. Once the building process is finish you will have to constantly deliver goods to them in order for them to keep running effectively.
Another one of our cityville tip about business: as you grow your businesses, also grow your supply of goods. Because once your supply of goods run out, you won’t be able to keep your business running. No supplies delivered to your businesses will incapacitate them and you won’t be able to collect any rent.

One of the most important cityville tips on this site!

No cityville mayor is an island, you must perform neighbor visits (this is one of the cityville tips that you see all over the net but no one pays close attention to).
Developing your city into something incredible is not possible without any outside help from friends. You will have to constantly grow your network in order to really excel in this game, hopefully your competitive spirit will keep you motivated in doing this.

The last of our cityville tips, think like a politician and prosper

Visiting your cityville neighbors will aid you to progress faster as you acquire friends that you can hire as employees to build community buildings. Here is the tip: grow your city as you gain more friends this will lead to total cityville domination. Pay attention to our cityville tips, I know that they are free but they are effective. We have taken the time out to put them all together for your pleasure (because we have actually needed a centralized location for the info we use). If you see anything in our cityville tips that you think needs changing or can be improved on, please leave us a comment.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPad Game Review & Gameplay: Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow is a game powered by an Unreal engine which chugs out some of the most horrifically beautiful graphics and tautest atmosphere in a game that can be found on your iOS device. The opening montage from the field and into the hospital provides an eerie preview of nightmares waiting inside.


With Unreal tech running underneath the hood, the graphics and animations are truly a sight to behold. Moving along at a smooth-as-silk clip, the game moves fluidly despite the high-end, on-screen visual displays. As an unidentified, unnamed player, you're immediately thrown into the Lion's Den, waking up in a decrepit, run down room. As you recover from your hazy slumber, a mysterious voice emanating from a central intercom speaks to you, providing what seems to be guidance on your whereabouts and what to expect. 

The gameplay is a generous mix of a labyrinthine point-and-click, seek-and-search and RPG elements married with a good dose of mystery and horror for good measure. As you journey through the rooms and hallways, supernatural creatures of otherworldly origins appear as you defend yourself with a variety of ranged weapons for distance fighting or armed instruments for up-close and personal melees. 

The fluidity of gameplay is oftentimes abruptly interrupted by the game's frequent prompts asking if me if I want to level up for upgrades. Each time the prompts crop up, I am snapped out of the immersive experience the game works so hard to achieve. When I play a game with RPG elements, I prefer a more linear, sandbox experience where I am in control of my character's destiny choosing what to do and when. I don't want "Big Brother" stepping out from his virtual curtain asking me for next steps unless prompted by me. This game would be better served with a call and response where, if I want to upgrade, I will go to the menu to do so. 

The combat mechanics leaves something to be desired. Whether firing a ranged weapon orhacking away in melee mode, the visual and audible feedback registering that I am actually causing some damage to the assailant or receiving it, while informative, is weak and falls flat. A good example of great feedback in battle is the Infinity Blade franchise. The audio-visual prompts (loud grunts, screams of pain, clashing of swords, heightened musical score, etc.) add weight and force to my strikes, parries and blocks rounding out a satisfyingly visceral experience. My battles in Dark Meadows seem light and paper-thin. I feel distant and removed rather than armed and fully-engaged.

Another frustrating aspect of the game is that if you lose, you start from the very beginning rather than from the point where you were defeated. Without a map of the premises, it is easy for players to lose one's bearings and it is very difficult to traverse though the catacombs of the hospital as you try to retrace your steps.


Beautifully frightful and hair-raising, the visuals vividly seize your imagination and stranglehold your attention. You'll find it quite difficult to tear yourself away from the screen as the morbid monstrosities traipse through the hospital lumbering towards you.


The script and voice acting are some of the industry's best. The developers took their time choosing a great voice actor and it pays off in spades. The spooky backdrop is amplified by the bizarre ambient soundtrack effectively wrenching and enveloping players into this creepy world.


Most of the elements for a horror masterpiece are in place. A few minor changes and this could easily become an iOS classic.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics: - 5 - Top-notch graphics and animation. 
Sound: - 3.5 - Voice acting is perfect. Battles in combat need to be amped up to register better feedback for a complete and visceral experience. 
Controls: - 4 - Easy and intuitive.
Gameplay: - 3 - It is ironic that the gameplay feels distant and removed given all the ingredients mixed in to pull in the player.
Overall: - 3.5 - This horror show falls a bit short, but is positioned for an awesome recovery with several adjustments.

Reviewed by ColeDaddy

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginner's Guide: Minecraft

Minecraft. Ever heard of it? Maybe you heard of it because it's a pretty famous game right now. It was made in 2009 by Markus Persson or what he prefers to be called 'Notch', the leader of the game company Mojang.

Before the game was famous and all, all at the beginning Notch, a man who knew Java coding and C++,
made a game test called 'The Cave Game'. He said he will be working on it, with his crew. Here is the video
of the cave game:

Later, after some working he released alpha in 2009. Watch this video if you want to know the history and the timeline
of the development of this game.
So, now you know what Minecraft is, and how it begun, let's start how to play this game.

So you basicly start with nothing in your inventory. You start in a new world.
What do you do? Firstly, find some trees and cut them down. You can cut
trees down by holding the left mouse button. gather as much wood as possible. Then after you got some amount of wood, then push E to see
your inventory.

Beginner's Guide: Team Fortress 2 Part 2

OK, so you already know 3 classes in Team Fortress 2. Here are the other ones:

 4. The Pyro

Beginner's Guide: Team Fortress 2 Part 1

                       Beginners Guide: Team Fortress 2  Part 1

                                   Source: http://www.gamingbus.com/

Team Fortress 2 is a game made by the developers of the popular game franchise Portal. This game is available on
Steam for free. So everyone can download it without paying for it. The game came out in 2007.
Are you one of those people who read this article and think: ''Hmm, I'd really want to play that game! But i don't know how to play it...''?

Well, you are at the right place! This is a COMPLETE guide of everything about this game.