Tuesday, March 20, 2012

BF3 Battlefield 3 Games Tips and Keygen Walkthrough

Have you ever think of dominate and leveling fast in BF3 (Battlefield 3)? BF3 definitely change the conservative shooting game where you only can blindly run into the game, guns blazing, and killed enemies by ranking up. There are no short cut like cheat code, keygen and crack commands to dominate BF3. It all about strategy and proper community teamwork planning to win the battle. In Battlefield 3, you need to work as a team to develop a strategy and combat tactics in order to kill enemies and win a battle.
If you're thinking of one person show Rambo type shooting game, then BF3 is not for you. BF3 is all about teamwork and well define complicated strategy combat plan involved to dominate the game. The strategies and tips employ in order to win need a considerable amount of focus and perseverance.
If you're enthusiastic BF3 player and determine to dominate the game,

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Facebook Cityville Tips, Tricks for City Cash

Cityville Tips are one of the most important things that any Cityville player can use to build his virtual empire for free.  You will find a boat load of tips and tricks here will help you build a large city over time. If you have been a player from the start, there is still a lot that you can learn by finding good tips for your Cityville city. The tips and facts that you will find here will prove to be useful as you work toward total Cityville domination. The game presents a challenge to a lot of players, but with a site that has the tips for your Cityville empire to grow you cannot lose. There is information on this site about Cityville businesses, crops, trains and ships along with a slew of other information that you can use. Utilize this site as your online guide when creating your virtual empire while using our Cityville tips. We all want to build a large city to show off to our friends, along the way you have to know how to collect coins and harvest crops. Zynga has created a fantastic game that challenges our ability to create a strategy in order to compete with friends online. As a player myself, this is truly a great game. Enjoy and utilize the tips you find here.

Cityville Tips for a Strong Start From Scratch

Well, “technically” you won’t be starting from scratch. When you start the game your get many refer to as the “cityville starter kit”. Your starter kit will include city cash, goods, land where you can build your business, crops and houses. You will build a barn to harvest goods and start to collect rent on your houses.
You can level up in the game by earning XP (experience points), goods, coins and cash. In order to keep your community alive, you will have to invest some of that hard earned Cityville cash. Start purchasing buildings, businesses, cityville community buildings, and the likes. While investing, you will be expending coins ,cityville energy and goods. Just like real life, your hard work will be rewarded. Once the buildings are finished and rented, you will eventually earn coins and start your way towards being the best mayor to build a city. EVER!
You can earn your XP by performing actions in the game. One easy thing you can do is go out and visit your friend’s cityville cities. When you perform actions likes this, you start to increase your reputation. You will also increase the already high possibility of gaining special rewards like energy, coins and cityville cash.
Very often than not, a quest will appear on the left side of your screen. Those are quests you can perform to gain more XP. They also act as a guide on how you can progress in the game. We provide a a lot of cityville tips and strategies to complete quest and missions as well.

Very Important Note about Cityville Cash

Pay attention here because most people do not when it comes to city cash. They end of spending most or all of their cityville cash cash frivolously.  At the start of the game, you are given a little CV, but in order to buy special or exclusive items you will need more.
You will be given the option to buy cityville cash via Facebook with your REAL hard earned money.  This is where Zynga makes their money on the game.  You can purchase cv through paypal or using your credit card. This is very easy to do, and a lot of people spend real money in order to build up their virtual banks. You can do this if you want to but please take heed to what you are about to read.
We see a ton of players who don’t know the value of Cityville cash, so they end up spending it on getting employees for community buildings or buying energy. Stay away from doing this and you will separate yourself from the pack early.

Cityville Tips And Strategies on Real Estate, Business and Your Community

Buildings and houses will help you earn coins by collecting rents. Keep in mind that  the number of people who can live in your city is limited. As you build more houses, you should also build more community buildings to increase the number of people who live in your city.
In your build menu, there are a lot of houses that you can choose from. There are also designs which are only available for a limited time. It is the same with the cityville community buildings. The challenging part in finishing your community building is that you need to invite friends to work for you. This won’t be a problem if you have many active Facebook friends that may be your cityville neighbors. If you don’t, you’re gonna have to spend your precious cityville cash to hire employees. So make friends, and make a lot of em to save money.

Cityville Tips on Your Business Ventures

Strategically placing your cityville business is probably one of the most exciting parts of playing cityville (well at least to me). You get to be richer than any business tycoon in the world, unless they are also playing Cityville. On your build menu, there is a business option tab. Click that and a lot of business choices will be available. Building a business will require goods and energy. Once the building process is finish you will have to constantly deliver goods to them in order for them to keep running effectively.
Another one of our cityville tip about business: as you grow your businesses, also grow your supply of goods. Because once your supply of goods run out, you won’t be able to keep your business running. No supplies delivered to your businesses will incapacitate them and you won’t be able to collect any rent.

One of the most important cityville tips on this site!

No cityville mayor is an island, you must perform neighbor visits (this is one of the cityville tips that you see all over the net but no one pays close attention to).
Developing your city into something incredible is not possible without any outside help from friends. You will have to constantly grow your network in order to really excel in this game, hopefully your competitive spirit will keep you motivated in doing this.

The last of our cityville tips, think like a politician and prosper

Visiting your cityville neighbors will aid you to progress faster as you acquire friends that you can hire as employees to build community buildings. Here is the tip: grow your city as you gain more friends this will lead to total cityville domination. Pay attention to our cityville tips, I know that they are free but they are effective. We have taken the time out to put them all together for your pleasure (because we have actually needed a centralized location for the info we use). If you see anything in our cityville tips that you think needs changing or can be improved on, please leave us a comment.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

iPad Game Review & Gameplay: Dark Meadow

Dark Meadow is a game powered by an Unreal engine which chugs out some of the most horrifically beautiful graphics and tautest atmosphere in a game that can be found on your iOS device. The opening montage from the field and into the hospital provides an eerie preview of nightmares waiting inside.


With Unreal tech running underneath the hood, the graphics and animations are truly a sight to behold. Moving along at a smooth-as-silk clip, the game moves fluidly despite the high-end, on-screen visual displays. As an unidentified, unnamed player, you're immediately thrown into the Lion's Den, waking up in a decrepit, run down room. As you recover from your hazy slumber, a mysterious voice emanating from a central intercom speaks to you, providing what seems to be guidance on your whereabouts and what to expect. 

The gameplay is a generous mix of a labyrinthine point-and-click, seek-and-search and RPG elements married with a good dose of mystery and horror for good measure. As you journey through the rooms and hallways, supernatural creatures of otherworldly origins appear as you defend yourself with a variety of ranged weapons for distance fighting or armed instruments for up-close and personal melees. 

The fluidity of gameplay is oftentimes abruptly interrupted by the game's frequent prompts asking if me if I want to level up for upgrades. Each time the prompts crop up, I am snapped out of the immersive experience the game works so hard to achieve. When I play a game with RPG elements, I prefer a more linear, sandbox experience where I am in control of my character's destiny choosing what to do and when. I don't want "Big Brother" stepping out from his virtual curtain asking me for next steps unless prompted by me. This game would be better served with a call and response where, if I want to upgrade, I will go to the menu to do so. 

The combat mechanics leaves something to be desired. Whether firing a ranged weapon orhacking away in melee mode, the visual and audible feedback registering that I am actually causing some damage to the assailant or receiving it, while informative, is weak and falls flat. A good example of great feedback in battle is the Infinity Blade franchise. The audio-visual prompts (loud grunts, screams of pain, clashing of swords, heightened musical score, etc.) add weight and force to my strikes, parries and blocks rounding out a satisfyingly visceral experience. My battles in Dark Meadows seem light and paper-thin. I feel distant and removed rather than armed and fully-engaged.

Another frustrating aspect of the game is that if you lose, you start from the very beginning rather than from the point where you were defeated. Without a map of the premises, it is easy for players to lose one's bearings and it is very difficult to traverse though the catacombs of the hospital as you try to retrace your steps.


Beautifully frightful and hair-raising, the visuals vividly seize your imagination and stranglehold your attention. You'll find it quite difficult to tear yourself away from the screen as the morbid monstrosities traipse through the hospital lumbering towards you.


The script and voice acting are some of the industry's best. The developers took their time choosing a great voice actor and it pays off in spades. The spooky backdrop is amplified by the bizarre ambient soundtrack effectively wrenching and enveloping players into this creepy world.


Most of the elements for a horror masterpiece are in place. A few minor changes and this could easily become an iOS classic.

Ratings (scale of 1 to 5):

Graphics: - 5 - Top-notch graphics and animation. 
Sound: - 3.5 - Voice acting is perfect. Battles in combat need to be amped up to register better feedback for a complete and visceral experience. 
Controls: - 4 - Easy and intuitive.
Gameplay: - 3 - It is ironic that the gameplay feels distant and removed given all the ingredients mixed in to pull in the player.
Overall: - 3.5 - This horror show falls a bit short, but is positioned for an awesome recovery with several adjustments.

Reviewed by ColeDaddy