Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Release date Grand Theft Auto 5 Five - GTA5

Release Date: December 2011

Grand Theft Auto V stirs the curiosity of fans and some sharp conducting an investigation to obtain information in preview.
After the latest rumors and assumptions which we told you about this weekend, fans of the franchise Grand Theft Auto continues to dig them.
So who will know the most and the first on the next GTA 5 and some manage to find details on the web troubling and credible.
I must say that the protagonists of this next phase GTA does not necessarily lie either.
This is the case of the actor Ned Luke who obviously play the role of Albert Da Silva, one of the characters of the game available information is mostly coming from Twitter, where many relatives of the actor would have left a message of congratulations on this new role. Finally, after these exchanges “private” but the public via the social network is the site dedicated to movies that IMDb list Grand Theft Auto V in the career of that Ned Luke.
A new track that will no doubt exploit these new investigators GTA 5.


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