Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Castle Ville Facebook Energy Cheats

CastleVille Facebook

When you begin playing CastleVille, you have 10 energies that you can use to get started at your quests. You can find your energy level at the top right side of your game screen. It has a thunder-icon, you may be familiar with the icon since it's generally used for most facebook games. And you may notice the timer below it that says,"More in:
05:00" that means, you will increase your energy after 5 minutes.
So we got 1 tip in getting energy – waiting. Every 5 minutes, your energy level is increasing by 1, but you can't just wait right? And note that it won’t increase forever, like if you wait for 100 hours to get 1,200 energy – NO! Because you have energy limit for each level, let say you're level 1, your energy bar limit is 10, even if you wait for 10 days, you will only get 10 energy, because your energy limit is full. There are times that even if your energy limit is full, you can still get higher energy. This is what we want to know, you will notice that the energy bar color is changing from white to yellow when the energy is higher than your energy limit.
You can get more energy by completing quests. Each quest has rewards and most often the rewards that are energy, experience points, coins and other stuffs. Anyway, completing quests are not boring and hard in CastleVille as much other facebook games. And you should spend your energy to complete quest and level up your kingdom. So, start completing your quests and surely you'll enjoy it.
But most of the cases, while completing your quests you lose energy and cannot continue to complete your quests. That cannot stop you – you still have more other ways to get energy.
The next step in getting energy in CastleVille is to have more neighbors. Invite as many friends as can to be your neighbor on CastleVille and visit their kingdom. This will allow you see how they design in their kingdom, especially to those that higher level than you have so you might have a clue of what looks better and not. This will also gain you some Reputation Hearts, which is required for some higher quests in CastleVille. And lastly, by helping your neighboring kingdom it will give you energy as thank you gift for helping them out.

But there is also a limit in getting energy rewards when visiting friends, you can only visit 20 friends per day to get free energy. That only means, you only have 20 energy that you can get per day by visiting your friend’s kingdom. But there’s more energy resource in CastleVille.
The next is through Level Up, when you level up you got 10 free energies in an instant. And while you level up, your energy limit will also increase and that means you can wait for more energy. But when you are in higher level, leveling will take some time. Usually, it will take 2 to 3 days, when you reach level 30, that is for a regular play in a day and of course it will also be depending on how you play and we need to sleep, work, study and do our real life activities. But you can get energy while you don't play.

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