Saturday, December 3, 2011

Star Wars : The Old Republic

BioWare | December 20th 2011

If you’re not too keen on mobile gaming, or you don’t own a 3DS, BioWare might just have something for you. With Bioware’s pedigree, as well as several of our staff members declaring it a World of Warcraft killer,” after extended beta play, it’s easy to see why people are excited for the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic for PC later this month.
The title allows for players to step into the role of a Jedi or Sith,
with multiple classes each with unique storylines. With flashy trailers, 100% voiced dialogue, and an insanely high budget, Star Wars: The Old Republic has grabbed some startlingly high pre-order numbers. Combine that with largely positive impressions from the beta tests, and you have a recipe for success for this new MMORPG from the makers of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

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