Friday, November 23, 2012

Diamond Dash Tips and Tricks

Diamond Dash is a new puzzle game for Facebook by Wooga, which plays off of classic concepts, despite being a new game. 
Facebook Game Diamond Dash

It's a relatively simply game, in which you click on a block of 3 or more of the same color diamonds in order to clear them, and the more diamonds you clear, the more points you get. Your goal is to jump to the top of your weekly tournament chart, get the highest point total per game possible, and gain experience points, thus gaining levels and earning more and more scoring bonuses. The more levels you gain, the more points you get, the more experience points you end up with each time you play. And with my tips, you can maximize your point and experience point totals and win all of your weekly tournaments!
You earn more and more points when you clear off bigger and bigger combinations of diamonds at a time, so go for the biggest blocks of same-colored diamonds possible when you are playing each individual game. When you clear off a block of only 3 diamonds, you only earn 100 points. However, when you clear a block of 4 diamonds, you earn 400 points.

So in order to earn the most points possible, you need to clear off the biggest blocks of same colored diamonds as possible. Clearing off more than six diamonds at a time can earn you thousands of points, with each successive diamond afterwards earning you more and more points per extra diamond that you knock out.
You will also gain more experience points when you earn more points in each match you play. You only have a certain amount of lives at one time which limits the amount of experience points you can earn within a given period of time; however, you can maximize your experience points gain, and thus your level gain, by simply scoring higher on every match you play. When you gain experience levels as well, you gain extra scoring bonuses, 1 percent per extra level gain, and this goes a very long way towards helping you win the weekly tournaments with your friends.
When you string together combinations of cleared blocks, you will fill the bar at the top of the screen, and when you fill up to the top, you will earn a bonus diamond bomb which will clear out two entire rows of diamonds, one horizontally and one vertically. It will also earn you a massive quantity of points - well over 10000 points per use. You can earn many many more of them when you make multiple combinations in a row, and when you don't click on combinations of two or leas diamonds (which will send your meter tumbling back down very quickly if you click them). If you use two of these in one match, that's almost 24,000 free points. If you get three of them in one match, consider yourself an elite player at this game, as this requires some very very quick work to do.
That's all for now! More tips? Post as comments!


  1. Don't use your gold bars to gain more lifes. Save them and when you manage to release the third magic power. Those you buy with gold bars, the other two with diamonds.

  2. Some other Diamond Dash tips that are also utilized are of the diamond bombs to clear well over 10000 points in the game as well as the use of two or more combination bombs which would yield at least a mouth watering 24,000 points.