Sunday, January 1, 2012

Beginner's Guide: Team Fortress 2 Part 2

OK, so you already know 3 classes in Team Fortress 2. Here are the other ones:

 4. The Pyro

This is Pyro. Nobody knows if it's a male or a female. Pyro loves fire. But let's say he is a male. 
He has a flamethrower as primary weapon to burn his victims.
His health is a bit low. 
His speed is moderate and he is effective at close range. 
His weapons are a fire axe, a flamethrower and a shotgun.

5. The Demoman

This Scottish guy loves rampage. 
He has 1 eye, but that doesn't stop him from the carnage he makes.
He is almost always drunk. 
That explains he has a bottle as melee weapon.
He has pretty high health and his speed is normal. 
His grenades are really powerful. 
His grenade launcher kills
people usually in 2 or 3 shots. 
His weapons are a grenade launcher, a stickybomb launcher and a bottle.

6. Engineer

This is Engineer. 
He is the most defensive character in Team Fortress 2. 
He is known for supporting the team.
He builds dispensers, that give health to his teammates, he builds teleporters to tele his team quickly into the battle and he builds Sentry guns to defend his so called 'Engy nest'. 
Engineer needs metal to build/upgrade his buildings.
You can get metal by running over your dead enemy's weapons, or going back to your base and opening the closet.
All the tools he uses are a Wrench (to upgrade things, or as melee weapon) , a PDA to build his things, a PDA to destroy his things, a pistol and a shotgun. 

Stay tuned for Part 3...

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