Monday, June 18, 2012

Facebook Bubble Safari Cheats & Tips: Score & Power

Facebook Bubble Safari

In Bubble Safari, you'll come across a variety or power ups that can be used to increase your score or simply make the game more entertaining to play. Some of these power ups must be activated before you play, and can only be used a single time, while others can be activated by completing certain requirements within a level. Here with a look at Bubble Safari's power ups.

 On Fire Mode

 On Fire is a type of power up that you can earn by dropping fruit in 3 consecutive shots. Once you catch On Fire you'll have 3 powerful shots to blast bubbles that are hanging. Bubbles shot in this manner are not popped, they are turned into fruit that gets you points when they drop into the baskets!

 The "Undo" power up lets you take back one shot in a given level. If you take a shot that doesn't work out the way you planned, just click the "Undo" icon near the bottom of the screen to take another try. You’ll get your bubble back, and get another chance to place your shot!.

 +2 Friends 

 Normally when you play a level, you can take up to two friends with you to help out by donating a bubble in a time of need. However, with the help of the "+2 Friends" power up, you can take a total of four! This is a great tool to make sure you have the right color of bubble during your time of need............

 Level Peek 

 The "Level Peek" power up gives you the chance to scroll up to the top of the level, to make sure you can see everything. Each Level Peek has 3 uses.

 +6 Extra Bubbles

 The "+6 Extra Bubbles" power up does just that—it pre-loads your bubble launcher with six more bubbles than you would otherwise get. Great for those levels that you can't quite finish!

 Starting Birds

 The "Starting Birds" power up loads up your level with hummingbirds! Normally in order to get hummingbirds to appear and guide your falling fruit into the baskets, you have to pop bubbles on every shot. With this power-up, you/ll start the level with three hummingbirds!
 Extended Aim

 The "Extended Aim" power up lets you trace the path of your shots all the way to their intended destination—not just the first bounce. With it you can pull off some fancy trick shots, and always be sure your bubbles are going where you want them to go!

 Extra Fire 

 The "Extra Fire" power up gives you a Fire Bubble whenever you want it! When you're in need of a little extra firepower, just click the Extra Fire button at the bottom of the screen to add a single Fire Bubble to your bubble shooter. Beehive The "Beehive" power up protects you from bees! Normally if you disturb a beehive, the bees will come out and swarm you, causing you to fire bubbles at random. With the help of the Beehive power up, you’ll be immune to your next three bee attacks!


 The "Spawner" power up sends your hummingbird friends in to freeze the spawners! This power up is extremely helpful in combating those pesky spawners and prevents additional bubbles from making their way onto the playing field!

 Poacher Trap

 Use the "Poacher Trap" power up when you need to put the freeze on those pesky traps that get in the way! When you activate this power up, hummingbirds fly up and disable the traps so you can safely shoot them for a limited time! With these powers, you'll have the chance to mix and match their different abilities until you've found those that work best for you. There's always the possibility that other powers will be added to the game at some point in the future, So stay tuned.

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