Friday, September 14, 2012

Mafia Wars Game Play Tips & Tricks

5 tips for the arena 
The perfect gear Probably the most important point is that you're wearing the best possible weapon and armor that you can get on your level. Even items such as your car (from level 12 for the first time use) you should regularly exchange through better items. 
The level of your opponent Another important point is the level of your opponent. In the arena you will find most opponents who are at a level to a level above you. When possible, choose
opponents to the lowest level in the arena, as these are more likely to have poorer attributes. Avoid opponents with black portrait In the arena you encounter rare players (instead of the usually red) with black portrait. These opponents are usually stronger than the average opponent that you encounter in the battle arena. 
This you should therefore not attack. You've never met such a player? On the screenshot at the top you see a portrait with black at the cemetery. Difference 1 vs. 2 bone bone in portrait Under the image of the enemy you see some players a bone, while other 2 are displayed in bone that cross rate. According to rumors, players who win a lot of fights on average, two bones, and the other a bone. I can confirm this is not, but still preferred opponents to grab a bone. 
I will continue to monitor it and add here, if I find out something new. If you've seen more, write a comment! Load the new arena, if there are no suitable opponent If you do not find a suitable opponent, because eg all opponents a level above you, then leave the arena. 
Visits e.g. one or two crew members, where you still have bonus energy, and display this. Then turn it back into the arena and new opponents should be present.

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