Friday, September 28, 2012

Candy crush saga level 70 tips & tricks

If the stripes are horizontal, it clears the row horizontally; if they are vertical, it clears vertically. However, if you match two stripped candies, it will clear both ways.

Try to make horizontal striped candy on the bottom of the left pannel, even better if you could combine it with a wrapped candy.

Candy Crush Saga Level 70 Speed Up! Gameplay


  1. Stuck on it for two months... i can not get out.

  2. Try to make horizontal striped candy on the bottom of the left pannel

  3. I have done that over and over but still I do get given the right candy's to complete this level. I am now believing it is all luck and depends on the candy's the game decides to give you. I am very disenchanted with this game there seems to be no skill in it whatsoever and this is the only placed have found where a walk through is not a video. What on eath is the use of a video if I am given different candy' than the ones that drop in the videos? Many times I have come within one jelly of completion but there is no way to complete and once I actually did get all the jellies but to no avail becuase I did it too quickly and did not have enough points to level up.

    STUPID GAME a time waster!

    1. I totally agree with your comment! Videos are not helpful to me at all. I guess you just have to get lucky with the line up...and I've had numerous horizontal striped candies on the bottom left to no avail. Getting bored with this!

  4. Also stuck on level 70. I am getting bored with this game also. Seems like they want you to buy more trys.