Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farmville 2 Tips and Tricks

Use the Crafting Kitchen!

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Don't sell your farmed goods. Check the Kitchen and stock up on items that can create the 3 step crafted goods. If you need Gold, you can sell on step 1 or 2 but try to push for the final crafted good in each group. Earning gold is a pain and you need plenty of it early on. At level 7 or 8 you need ot by a "White Baby Sheep" This will cost 9000 gold. So, be ready for it. You'll also need to buy land, also not cheep. The level 8 land spot is 20,000 gold. So, crafted goods is your best shot at getting the money you'll need.

Take care with feeding your chickens and Goats too often. After so many feedings they will start to Master. Which makes them kind of useless for earning Milk and Eggs. At least up to level 9, Don't worry about buying additional animals unless you master one. There will be a quest asking you to have 8 animals total at one point. So, plane for this amount as well. (I went with +2 chickens and this worked for me as I needed eggs for crafting. Don't sell eggs, learned the hard way when they started to master.

If you need feed, grind blueberries. tomatoes are for crafting and Blueberries seem to be better for your money, regarding grinding feed.

Stock up on wheat. You'll need it for crafting flower for multiple finished goods.

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