Monday, October 8, 2012

FarmVille 2 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Hit level 20 within a week!!

FarmVille 2 is the latest game released by Zynga. This farming game is pretty much open ended and you can decide how you want to play the game. However, there are some techniques and tricks that you can apply during your game play to make your leveling and FarmVille 2 expanding more smoothly. 
 This is a strategy dedicated to advancing your farm as fast as you can. By following this guide to the book, you should be able to hit level 20 within a week.
If you have found this walkthrough helpful, please share them with your friends. Throughout the game, you want to get as many FarmVille 2 neighbors as possible because they will be required at various stages such as material request, hiring staff, and daily friend’s visits. The strategy laid below should not change much but however can be improved if there are limited time crops that give you more money or EXP. It should be noted that we do not go into details on the quests because they actually slow your leveling down in the game. You can do quests along the way, but getting the setup correctly is key to leveling up fast. 

If you're a dedicated FarmVille 2 player, you've likely become incredibly familiar with the Crafting Kitchen, which allows you to turn your basic crops into complex dishes that sell for more at the Farmer's Market than those individual crops would alone. While items like Tomato Soup, Strawberry Lemonade and Apple Scones bring at least 630 coins a pop, wouldn't it be better to spend your resources on items that could earn you 5,000 coins in a single go? 

That's exactly the case with FarmVille's new recipe, the Vanilla Cream Puffs, which has been launched in celebration of the Vanilla crop, which is available to plant in the game for a limited time. Over the next seven days, you'll be able to plant as many Vanilla as your farm size (and water supply) will allow, and can then use that Vanilla to create these profitable puffs. 

A single Vanilla Cream Puff sells for 5,000 coins, but it's also a rather complex crafting project to complete. You'll first need to craft two Vanilla Cream and one Powdered Sugar. A single Vanilla Cream requires 12 Vanilla beans and four Milk, but this alone sells for 1,550 coins. Even if you chose not to complete the crafting and turn these Creams into Cream Puffs, you're still doing really well already. 

As for the Powdered Sugar, each one requires three Sugar and two Flour, which are created using Wheat. The Sugar, meanwhile, can be earned by asking your friends to send it to you. Again, this Powdered Sugar ingredient is incredibly profitable as well, selling for 1,450 coins each. Of course, 5,000 coins is still more than all of this, so make sure to try and craft as many Vanilla Cream Puffs as you can while Vanilla is available to purchase and plant in the market. At 5,000 coins a pop, you could easily afford a second (or even third) Well for water production, or some of the limited edition decorations and trees that have recently been released in the store.

Other than the pointers laid out at each level, you should always: 1. Expand More Farm area whenever possible. 2. Save Money for either Well or Water Trough to hold more animals. 3. Get as many FarmVille 2 active players as possible. 4. Always Fertilize your crops to make them twice as effective, plus the chance to get Prized crops.

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