Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Facebook ChefVille Cheats, Hints and Tips of Chef Ville

Chef Ville Cheats
First of all: You have to complete the goals and collect all your ingredients to max number and always keep non mastered food on cooking and never fail at collecting the food until it spoils.

Start with the max number of tables and counters as well this will allow you to make the max of your recipies.

Chef Ville Hints and Tips Facebook
Also if you know that a recipie is going to contain ingredients you don't have you need to ask your friends for

the stuff you need and keep mixing the ones that you need and making them, always keeping the ingredients

needed ahead before start making the recipies for the star mastery.

Facebook Chef Ville Tricks of all LEVELS
Persay if you need 4 more pot stickers, then hold off on making them until you collect enough legs and dough, this will help you in the long run instead of waiting to collect, making it slow going for a star level and dreading doing the tasks you need to do.

I hope this small piece of information has helped you guys enough to understand my own personal method on the game. 

Always visit each and every one of your friends til you have 100 hearts, if you want something that costs hearts you need to buy these first hand then when you get done spending the hearts it is wise when you run out of onions, especially, to keep using the hearts to gain onions to cook with.

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